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How to make quick photo books if you’re time-crunched….

People often assume that it’s difficult or time consuming to make a photo book but it is neither of the two. If you follow these tried and tested tips, you can easily make a photo book in no time at all. 

A quick photo book is for you if:

  • You need to make a quick book for an event or as a gift with no time to spare.
  • You would like to showcase a single event or theme such as a birthday or season.
  • You have preselected and arranged a small number of photographs ready to upload.
  • You have chosen a template that you like and don’t need to custom create one.

5 Steps to Making Quick Photo Books:

1. Get  your photos off your computer before starting the project

Cut the process in half by uploading 50 – 100 of your best photographs. Don’t try to in