How to make quick photo books if you’re time-crunched….

People often assume that it’s difficult or time consuming to make a photo book but it is neither of the two. If you follow these tried and tested tips, you can easily make a photo book in no time at all. 

A quick photo book is for you if:

  • You need to make a quick book for an event or as a gift with no time to spare.
  • You would like to showcase a single event or theme such as a birthday or season.
  • You have preselected and arranged a small number of photographs ready to upload.
  • You have chosen a template that you like and don’t need to custom create one.

5 Steps to Making Quick Photo Books:

1. Get  your photos off your computer before starting the project

Cut the process in half by uploading 50 – 100 of your best photographs. Don’t try to include them all – less is always more! Upload more pictures later if you need them.

2. Choose a design template

If you start editing and changing your template choice, your project will take a little longer. Stray away from unecessary changes and pick a template that you like and stick with it.

3. Set an timer & get it done

You can easily create photo book in an hour. Set your timer and get the basic layout done. Don’t spend time on details until you have all your pictures where you want them. Once that’s done, take an additional 30 minute to add text and digital embellishments.

4. Contrast large images with a photo collage

Use elements of contrast when arranging photographs on each spread. Create balance by juxtaposing large photographs with a collage to anchor the design. If you do two collage pages, it can be overwhelming to look at.  Consider choosing a photograph that can be set across an entire spread. Variation is key to creating an artful photo book.

5. Limit your book to 20 pages

It’s tempting to keep adding additional photographs. Try to remember that the more pages you have the more time you will need. If you are under a time crunch, stick to a 20-page photo book, and get your order in as soon as possible.