Automatic PhotoBook Creation

Our software has unique auto creation modes to suit different moods and styles of album.

Perfect Creation
Our software reads your selected photos and surprises you with a perfect album. What needs to be together is together. No photo cuts. Vertical remains vertical and horizontal remain horizontal.


Fine tuning your book
A single click provides you with different layout options allowing  you full creative control.
Templated Creation
Choose from 2000+ ready to use templates for every page. The software will fit selected photos automatically but also allows for customised fine tuning.



Auto Change Template
Our software allows you to change the look and feel of your photo book with ease.
Story Creation
Save your signature style and use it in each of your albums.  Replacing the photos will create a new story.


Manual PhotoBook Creation

Create your custom design faster than ever with our smart tools.


Easy Compositon
To complement your composition, tools like crop, zoom, pan, scale and rotate are provided onboard. These controls works on frame and in frame.